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April 2023 Commander and Aux Commander letters

Dear Comrades and Auxiliary

Our elections for the upcoming year will be held at our Post April meeting, same for our Auxiliary.

Our St. Patrick's Day dinner was a fun and successful dinner. I'd like to thank all who came out to support the dinner and a big thanks to my crew Sandy, Vern and Marcy W.

I guess everyone heard about the incident that happened outside of our Post March 18th.

I'm just thankful that no one from our Post was injured. I'm sorry to the members of our Post who had to stay late to assist the sheriff's department with their investigation. Your cooperation was deeply appreciated.

We had our Vietnam War Veterans Day celebration March 29th at our Post followed with the Post birthdays for the months of February and March. To my Vietnam Brothers, “Thank You for your Service and Welcome Home." To the 58,220 killed and some 1,600 missing, you will never be forgotten.

Chapter 18

Well, my clearance finally came through with a Top Secret Clearance. I was allowed back into the TOC.

One afternoon while in the TOC, Lt. Skinner came in to take a radio operator with him to the Rock Quarry. They were only gone about 15 min. when they hit a road mine. The Lt. was killed. The driver and RTO (radio telephone operator) were wounded. That was my first of many Medevac/Dust off (aeromedical evacuation choppers) that I would call for. Like I said earlier, any day could be your last. One minute he was there 15 minutes later, KIA (Killed in Action).

I made it through the month of August and could now tell the difference between incoming and outgoing. I knew when it was Monday because that's when we took our malaria pill and this big ass orange horse pill that made you poop. I knew when it was Wednesday. That's the night we would corner a RAT in our hooch and box him in, squirt lighter fluid on it and set it on fire. Entertainment!

The days were pretty much quite but when darkness sat in, is when Charlie (Viet Cong) would strike. I hated the nights and all this damn rain.

Sandy and I would like to wish everyone a Blessed and safe Easter. Get the Crown and Hennessy ready, Q and Kevin will be back Easter Sunday.

Yours in Comradeship

Tony Bordine

Message from the Auxiliary President

To all my auxiliary members, I hope to find everyone healthy right now. I myself am on the road to recovery. Sorry I missed everyone last month. I was in the hospital last month. Well, I’m doing a lot better after having my second surgery. So I’m on the road to recovery.

I would like to welcome all our new members to our auxiliary. I’m looking forward to meeting our new friends and I personally welcome you to our auxiliary. We are having our parking lot sale on April 15th coming up soon. We could always use volunteers to help Rosie. Contact Rosie if you can help. Thank you to Mike, Ernie and Nick for always helping. If you bring baked goods for our bake sale that would be appreciated also. Our proceeds this month are going to Cancer. I’m so excited to see our post is having more dinners. Thanks to our Michael Monsoor command for all the hard work they are doing. Thank you to Tony for a successful St. Patrick’s dinner. Thanks to his staff for helping him also. Thanks to Linda, Angela, and Mike for cooking for our auxiliary. Linda’s breakfast will be on April 23rd this month. I also want to personally thank Cesar and his boy for helping with our yard work and mowing our grass. I would like to send my condolences to Ruth Stanford’s family. Our dear Ruth passed away last month. I would like to also wish our Commander, Tony, a happy birthday this month. May everyone have a healthy month and no more Rain!


Denise Swerdloff your Auxiliary President.

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